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152nd MP Coin

Normally there is a little to say about most unit coins, but in this rare case we have a lot to say about it. The guys from the 152 MP really out did damn near every unit coin we seen in 2007. In fact if we had a grammy award for challenge coins they would have recieved it. They did this odd shaped coin and crushed what we thought an odd shaped coin could be and then dazzled us by doing in a high polish finish. Ya you read that right, these guys knew what coming out strong meant.

We are very excited to see what 2008 will bring from this unit. They are out of New Jersey and really know what’s going on. This is a 2″ coin that only has high polished nickel as a finish with some black enamel. Thats it…so this is a bare bone coin but sometimes when they say less is more they really do mean it.

Amy units really like there rank coins. A lot of coin companies offer stock rank coins. Although we might pursue this option in the near future. We do offer something most people consider better. Use our free stock mold of the U.S. Army seal and customize the other side. Doing so will save you big money on your mold fee.
Almost every challenge coin minted every year is minted baring tradition. What I mean is the bare traditional patches, seals , or insignia's. This adds to the coins strength in heritage. Baring the same images as the field or branch of the military as your associated with. A coin itself is just metal, but what is designed on the coin is it's meaning.
Companies range in prices a lot !!! Why is that ? Overhead, is the most associated factory on your quote. Some companies have lots of overhead. Big company store fronts, Hummers with there name written all over them, Employee salaries, the list goes on and on. We try to keep the cost down to an honest living. Go check out milcoins.com and get better pricing on better quality coins.
Most companies offer stock coins for sale on various web pages. Milcoins.com is currently working on a our line of stock challenge coins. All will be for sale , and all will be high quality. Everyone will be numbered, giving each coin a little more authenticity. There will be exclusive versions minted for your buying pleasure. Keep checking the website for updates. We are really going to help the challenge coin collectors out there make there collections even more unique.